Suitable for coffee, aromatized tea, milkshake, pastry and dessert. Product Detail The fact that the package is made of products 100% suitable for food and is not made of glass reduces the risk of breaking during transportation and/or in the relevant environment to 0 and pays for itself. The special cap, resolving the pump problem, ensures a unique ease and economic benefit both with its reusable stopper and average pouring of 2 cl. Our syrups are non-alcoholic and obtained from high quality fruits. They do not contain any fat, cholesterol and additive. Area of Use: In addition to the cocktails, they can also be used in pastries, desserts, ice creams, coffees and milk shakes. We are aware of the fact that we are creating a great opportunity for the Barmen and Baristas who believe in themselves with respect to the product creativity and development. With its wide range of flavours, Jui’s will be irreplaceable for the professionals devoted to quality as to display their skills. In addition to the great taste left in the month by the Jui’s cocktail syrups, completely produced with natural ingredients and pure sugar, they are also quite useful for the professionals. They provide you the opportunity to show your difference and use endlessly in the sophisticated cocktails, aromatized coffees and teas, milkshakes, aromatized sodas, soft drinks, pastries, desserts, ice creams and foods.