Fruit only has a changing shape and this means a huge evolution for Jui’s concentrated puree varieties and mixes and cocktail syrups. When required, “bottled fruit” has always been the best alternative of the fresh fruit. Jui’s concentrated purees and mixes resolve your problems for finding fruits that are seasonally not available. Since the beginning, the target of our Company has been to always offer high quality products to the users and to propose effective solutions to all barmen and bar ladies for the preparation of excellent cocktails. Nowadays, due to the flavors of the fruits, huge problems are being faced and especially the desired results are never achieved from the cocktails prepared with fresh fruits that are gradually becoming tasteless and flavorless.

Ultimate attention is shown not to use any rotten fruit during the preparation of JUI’S products. The best and delicious ones of all fruits are chosen during the relevant season and processed under the highest quality standards. With the product standardization, we are preparing all our constant and qualified products available for your use as to create marvelous flavors.