Red Pepper Paste

Product Detail Jui’s Red Pepper Paste is a high technology product prepared completely in the European form both in terms of packaging and quality as the most special and different of Turkey. It does not even contain 1 mg of salt, preservative and coloring. And when presented, it intensively smells and tastes like fresh tomato. Since the daily salt consumption is required to be less than 5 gr, it is recommended that especially patients with hypertension, chronic renal failure and cardiovascular diseases and babies and children do not consume high sodium foods. In food sector, under the difficult economic conditions, it is vitally important to reduce the costs including but not limited to the storage, general logistic, transportation and waste management. The high quality + value added product, ensuring the required competition advantage with Cryovac healthy packaging, eliminates the product option in the hard packaging. Our innovative packaging is 28-30 brix (5 kg) and especially when compared with the tin packaging, it offers major advantages for catering companies, restaurants and chains.
Certainly no additional salt. - In terms of flavour, no roasted flavours. More fruity and fresh character. - No risk of metal pollution and contamination (sold in packaging suitable for food). - Disposable. No problem of waste disposal (no extra waste like tin packaging).  - Takes a small space (easy to pile and takes a small space). - The shelf life of an unopened product is 18 months (1.5 years). - Possibility to transport and store unopened products in the ambient conditions. - The industrial tin tomato pastes in the market weight 4.5 kg whereas this product weights net 5 kg. Bon Appetite!